• What To Do If Your Windshield Is Cracked Or Broken

    The windshield in your car or truck is one of the most common pieces of glass that gets broken because it is on the front of the vehicle. Rocks and other debris can impact the glass and chip, crack, or break the glass, and knowing when to have it repaired is essential. Damage Location One of the first criteria that can affect the need for windshield repair after the glass has been cracked or chipped is the location of the damage on the glass.
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  • 3 Lesser Known Signs That Your Vehicle May Need Windshield Replacement

    One of the tell-tale signs that you need windshield replacement is having a large crack on your windshield or a crack that impedes your line of sight while you are driving. However, most people are well aware that this is a sign that you need a new windshield. But, there are many other signs that you may not know to look for that may also be indicative of the fact that you need a new windshield.
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