What Happens When You Get Your Windshield Replaced

Posted on: 15 June 2021

When you take your vehicle in to be replaced, the technicians generally take your vehicle and get right to work. The technicians manage to do a lot in a short period of time. Here is what happens behind the scenes when your windshield is being replaced.

Check the Damage

First, the technicians are going to check the damage to your windshield. They are going to verify the severity of the damage. If the damage is really light, they may be able to repair the glass instead of having to replace it. If they verify that the damage was severe, they will then move forward with the replacement process.

Prepare the Work Area

Second, they are going to prepare the work area. In an effort to keep glass shards and debris from getting inside of your vehicle, most technicians will put down plastic sheeting over the front of the inside of your vehicle to keep things clean.

Remove the Windshield

Third, they are going to remove the windshield. They will have to remove the plastic molding from around the windshield. Then, the urethane, the polymer-based adhesive used to hold the windshield in place, has to be cut. Depending on how the windshield is welded in place, the cut may be on the inside or outside.

After that, two people are needed to remove the windshield. Generally, one on the inside pushes the glass forward from the pinch-weld, and the person on the outside lifts the glass up.

Clean Up the Area

Fourth, some cleanup will take place. Any debris that got into the vehicle will be cleaned up to keep it safe inside.

A brush will be used to clean up around the edge of the windshield. Any excess urethane will need to be cut away or trimmed down. Then, any rust that is on the pinch-weld will have to be sanded back to bare metal. If any sanding is needed, the metal will have to be cleaned and primed before the new windshield is placed.

Placing the New windshield

Fifth, the new windshield will be placed. Primer will be placed around the frit band of the windshield. Then, the urethane will be placed around the windshield frame. After that, the windshield will be carefully aligned onto the vehicle. The plastic molding will be put back in place around the windshield.

Check the Technology Capacities

Sixth, the technicians will check any technology capabilities linked to the windshield, such as the defrost button, to ensure that everything is still working properly.

Finally, they will clean up in and around your vehicle again and then give your vehicle back to you with a new windshield in place. You will want to let the new windshield rest in place for at least an hour and be gentle with it for the first few days for the best results. For more information reach out to a professional who provides windshield replacement services.