3 Lesser Known Signs That Your Vehicle May Need Windshield Replacement

Posted on: 25 March 2020

One of the tell-tale signs that you need windshield replacement is having a large crack on your windshield or a crack that impedes your line of sight while you are driving. However, most people are well aware that this is a sign that you need a new windshield. But, there are many other signs that you may not know to look for that may also be indicative of the fact that you need a new windshield. Here are a few of the lesser-known signs that your vehicle may need windshield replacement.

1. Your Wiper Blades Are Leaving Streaks on Your Windshield

If your wiper blades are leaving streaks on your windshield when you use them, this is a sign that your wiper blades are worn and need to be replaced. But, if the blades are new, your windshield may be pitted and that is why you are having steaks appear. Sand, asphalt, and fine gravel can leave small pits on your windshield. If you get out of the car and run your hand over the glass, it may be rough, rather than smooth. Pits can prevent water from being removed by your windshield wipers and may ultimately affect your vision while driving. 

2. You Notice a Haze Developing Around the Edges of your Windshield

Another sign that your vehicle may need a new windshield is a haze developing around the edges of your windshield. If you notice a white fog or haze developing around your windshield, this may be a sign that the seal holding your windshield in place is damaged. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair the seal and keep your windshield glass, so the glass should be replaced at the same time the seal is. 

3. Your View Is Blurry as You Look Out the Windshield

The final sign that you may need to replace your windshield is having a blurry view as you look out your windshield. If you do not replace your windshield wipers when they are worn, they can scratch your windshield, which can cause you to see some blurriness as you look our your windshield. Pitting on a windshield caused by small grains of sand, road salt, and gravel can also cause blurriness. If your windshield no longer provides you with a clear sightline while you are driving, it is time to replace it. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, you may need windshield replacement. Bring your car to an auto glass repair and replacement company. They can inspect your windshield and help you determine if windshield replacement is needed for your car. Call your preferred service now to book your appointment.